Dr Jongrae Kim

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Jongrae Kim

Dr Jongrae Kim

Associate Professor
Livashnee Naidoo

Dr Livashnee Naidoo

Lecturer in Commercial Law
Hongjing Lu

Hongjing Lu

Cognitive Psychology
Dr Yashar Moshfeghi

Dr Yashar Moshfeghi

Senior Lecturer Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. Paul Siebert

Trust & Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Paul Siebert specialises in computer vision research and in particular 3D vision systems and applications, biologically motivated vision and binocular robot vision systems. His pioneering work in 3D vision systems lead to the development of commercial 3D surface scanning technology now marketed worldwide and used in diverse areas such…

Honorary Research Fellow, Dr. Bjørn Sand Jensen

Trust & Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Bjørn was a lecturer in the Information, Data and Analysis Section in the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, from May 2016 to October 2021. Currently, as of 1st November 2021, Bjørn is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and an Honorary Research Fellow at…

Multimodal Interaction Group

Virtual Reality and Human Factors - Researchers in this area are exploring the effect of Cyber Sickness within Virtual Reality, focusing on biological thresholds and various forms of treatment This collaboration is part of the Multimodal Interaction Group and these researcher are supervised by Professor Steve Brewster.