Research Areas

PACO Lab has a strong multidisciplinary approach towards research.

Trust & Artificial Intelligence - Qumodo Collaboration

One of the main topic of research within PACO Lab focuses on understanding more about the relationship between humans and AI, focusing on how trust can influence this relationship. 

This research takes part as a collaboration between Qumodo and PACO.

 Qumodo researches, designs and develops AI technology, which is easy to use, meets people’s needs and most of all, is trusted.  

Autism and Perception

One defining characteristic of autism is differences in perceiving the world. In this research we study how vision, hearing and their combination are experienced in autism, especially when these sights and sounds contain emotion.

Human Robot Interaction and Driving

Researchers in this area are exploring how we can use Augmented Reality to help people interaction properly with autonomous vehicles and whether it is possible to design a huggable robot as a comforter. 

This collaboration is part of the Multimodal Interaction Group and these researcher are supervised by Professor Steve Brewster.

Brain Imaging and Cognition

A methodology frequently used within PACO lab is Brain Imaging. The methodology is used to to investigate several different areas of cognition. Research includes using brain imaging to explore  

Perception of Human Movement

We have a longstanding interest in the perception of bodies in motion, from lifting an object to a contemporary dance duet. What parts of the movement are informative and how does the brain process this information?

Neural Basis of Information Search

The search for information is ubiquitous in the modern world. In collaboration with Yashar Moshfeghi and the NeuraSearch lab we study brain mechanisms that underlie the states of information need, relevance and satisfaction when people use search systems. 

Virtual Reality and Human Factors - Computer Science Collaboration

Researchers in this area are exploring the effect of Cyber Sickness within Virtual Reality, focusing on biological thresholds and various forms of treatment

This collaboration is part of the Multimodal Interaction Group and these researcher are supervised by Professor Steve Brewster.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Positive mental health in the workplace is important, and from time to time we have had the opportunity to contribute research to improving workplace mental health.

Individual Differences

A cross-cutting theme in the lab is how perception of the world varies between different groups. We have studied how expertise in dance, drumming and CCTV surveillance alter perception of the world.