Welcome to PACO Lab!

What We Do

We investigate human behaviour and brain activity across a variety of research domains. This research spans from basic research in perception, action and cognition to understanding how these basics inform an understanding of the design of technology to serve our needs. How to improve mental health and understand our differences are consistent aspects of our research.

Although the boundaries are not hard and fixed, we separate our research into the four themes of ‘perception, action and cognition’, ‘brain imaging’, ‘autism’, and ‘humans and technology’.

Who We Are

PACO lab is based within the School of Psychology at the University if Glasgow, UK. PACO lab has a strong international vibe. 

The Director of PACO lab is Dr Frank Pollick and originally from the US. Other members come from the UK, Europe and Asia. 

Current Research In PACO

Dr Gang Li conducts research into VR and Cybersickness, click to find out more!
A number of PGRs are researching Trust and AI, click to find out more!