Perception Action and Cognition

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Sponsored by EPSRC, we developed a full-body movement library. This library is an attempt to systematically tap into and represent the wide range of person properties, such as identity, gender and emotion that is available in a person's movements. The movements from a total of 30 individuals (15 female) were captured while they performed walking, knocking, lifting and throwing actions as well as their combination in angry, happy, neutral and sad affective styles. From the raw motion capture data, a library of 4080 movements were obtained using techniques based on Character Studio (plug-ins for 3D Studio Max, AutoDesk Inc.), Matlab (The Mathworks) or a combination of these two. For the knocking, lifting and throwing actions 10 repetitions of the simple action unit were obtained for each affect, and for the other actions two longer movement recordings were obtained for each affect.


The paper to cite for using the library is:

Ma, Y., Paterson, & Pollick, F.E. (2006). A motion-capture library for the study of identity, gender, and emotion perception from biological motion. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 38, 134-141.


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