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Workshop on Psychology of Face and Gesture Recognition
16.09.2008 - 16.09.2008
De Roed Hoed - Amsterdam
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Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Organizers: Frank Pollick and Aina Puce

A workshop will be held as part of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. The workshop is intended to provide: 1) an overview of the state of the art research into how humans use faces, body postures and motion to recognize human activity and its social content, 2) a review of cutting edge research that uses techniques of brain imaging to reveal the brain states which reflect human recognition of face and gesture.

Schedule of Talks

9:00-9:20 opening remarks

9:20-10:00Markus Lappe University of Muenster, Psychological Institute II

Form and motion in the perception of biological motion

10:00-10:30 break

10:30-11:10Andreas Bartels Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Dept. Logothetis

Natural vision in the primate brain: functional mapping, connectivity, and motion processing

11:10-11:50Jeffrey Cohn University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychology

Making Sense of Faces by Orientation, (A)symmetry, and Timing

11:50-12:30Christian Keysers University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, Dept. Neuroscience, NeuroImaging Center

Simulation in Social Perception

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:30-2:10Lars Muckli University of Glasgow, Department of Psychology

Information sensitivity of the brain for faces revealed by classification images

2:10-2:50Andreas Ioannides Riken, Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics

Differences in processing of faces and other complex objects when presented at the center and the periphery of the visual field

2:50-3:30Bruno Rossion University of Louvain, Belgium

Neuroimaging studies of acquired prosopagnosia: towards a non-hierarchical view of face perception in the human brain

3:30-4:00 break

4:00-4:40Nicholas Furl University College London, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimage

Hierarchical representation of dynamic information

4:30-5:20Beatrice de Gelder Tilburg University, Cognitive and affective neuroscience lab and MGH/MIT/HMS Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

Linking face and body perception in the mind and in the brain

5:20-6:00Jim Haxby Dartmouth College, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Distributed representation of faces in the human brain



De Roed Hoed


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